Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Best affiliate programs

1)FriendFinder is the World's Largest personals site and gives the highest paying affiliate program on the Web. They offer webmasters the choice of programs, designed to pay out the highest amounts for any type of traffic.
You can get paid from this affiliate program in four different ways:
Option I - Per Member Payout:
Our per member payout program is easy. We pay you $2.00 for each woman and $1.00 for each man that signs up for a free membership.
Option II - Percentage Program:
The more traffic you send, the more you earn with our percentage program. You receive a percentage of initial orders and reorders. With the free member sign up bonus, you could be earning more than we do!
Option III - Per Order Payout:
Earning cash is a no-brainer with our per member order program. Every premium member sign-up earns you a $25.00 payout. The only question is – how many memberships will you drive today?
Broker Programs - Get 10% of other webmaster programs
Your broker account is automatically created for you when you sign up as an affiliate. You earn an extra 10% when other affiliates sign up under your broker ID – no extra work, just extra earnings!

2)Join the Babylon Affiliates Program
Register today for the Babylon Affiliates Program and Get Babylon and Wikipedia For Free For Your Website. The Babylon Box is an amazing added value providing your users with extra content from Babylon's Dictionaries, and Wikipedia's Encyclopedias in over a dozen languages. Plus, Babylon pays one of the highest commissions in the industry - a generous 40% cut plus 2nd Tier! All you have to do is Sign up here.

3)Forex-Affiliate.com - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral !!!

Thousands of affiliates cannot be wrong! The Forex (currency trading) industry is the world's biggest market on earth, with a daily turnover of 2.5 trillion dollars! Forex-Affiliate.com joins forces with Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, a world leader in online currency trading. We have affiliates that are making over $100,000 USD per month why not join it's free and easy we will guide you every step of the way.

  • Earn Up To $10,000 USD Per Referral!!!
  • Professional advertising materials (Banners, Text Links, Mini Sites & more)
  • Accurate and reliable statistics, tracking, reporting and display.
  • Fast and reliable cash and commission payments.
  • 24x7 Personal account management, for all affiliates and business partners.
  • Payment options available include wire transfer, credit cards, cheques and Paypal.
  • Highest conversion rates than any other Forex program GUARANTEED!
  • Registration is free. Click Here to sign up now.


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    Anonymous said...

    i think these affaliate programs are great.