Sunday, February 11, 2007

PayPerPost - A Great Source of Income for Bloggers

Pay Per Post provides blog owners a chance to make really good money by writing about different people, companies and things. You can make literally hundreds every month from them and unlike Blogitive, there’s offers every single day. One thing great about Pay Per Post is that you get a huge selection of choices for what opportunity you want to take. They have literally something that fits into every blog, which is great for people who like to maintain the integrity of their site without looking spammy. For example, they have paid opportunities about real estate, clubs, websites, computer software, online games – you name it. So unlike other paid to advertise companies you seriously can make the ads fit into whatever your blog is about.

Pay Per Post pays a specified amount for each posting (advertisement). The lowest pay I have seen so far is $2.25, the highest has been about $25! Some offers are even taged at as high as $135 but it require your blog to have a very high google pagerank or alexa traffic rank to take that offer. Every opportunity is clearly defined in terms of what you have to do to get paid.

They all involve the following:
1. A specified word count, usually 50 or 100 words (some are only 10 words, others can be a few hundred)
2. A link or two that must be placed in your post
3. And occasionally a “tracking image” which is just a link that’s invisible when published. No big deal. You just insert it after your words have ended.

Pay Per Post allows every blogger to accept two opportunities per day per blog. Each opportunity you select shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to produce, so you have excellent potential to earn $10, $20, $40 or more in a matter of a half an hour! It just depends on which offers you take.

Pay Per Post pays via Pay Pal once a month.

If you want to sign up with PayPerPost, please click HERE


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