Saturday, February 3, 2007

Get Paid to Post With BLOGSVERTISE - Great opportunities ahead...

Another cool way to earn money money from your blog is with BLOGSVERTISE. They are similar to Blogitive or Pay per post but have few advantages of its own. Here also like with with any other pay to blog sites you have to submit your blog for approval and once your blog gets approved you will be assigned tasks based on your blog category and blog popularity. You are supposed to write about the sponsored site or product into your blog. You can write any thing, be it your opinion, your thought, your like or dislike about the site or product. Your post should contain atleast 3 links to the sponsored site and should contain atleast three paragraphs. You should keep the post posted into your blog for atleast a month in order to get paid by them. They pay you after 30 days through paypal or cheque.

Now the question is why would anyone pay you to write post in your blog about them. This is because your post contains links to them and any website is ranked based on the number of backlinks or links pointing to them. This increases their pagerank and hence their popularity.

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The best thing about BLOGSVERTISE is that even new blogger can work with them and make money which was not possible with pay per post or blogitive because they have certain restrictions based on popularity and numbers of post etc. But there is no such restrictions what so ever with BLOGSVERTISE. The only requirement is that you should have a live and regularly updated blog. However if you are a new blogger or your blog is fresh your payout will be considerably less ranging from $4-$7 per post or task assigned but will increase with your blog popularity and can go as high as $10 -$15 per post or task. You can accept or deny any offers made to you, thats all your choice.

So this is a fairly good opportunity to make some decent money of your blog. If you would like to know more about them or signup with them click HERE.

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