Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blog to Profit - A New Paid to Post Opportunity

There are some more programs around the internet which pay bloggers to post about certain products or services into their blog. Well i am not talking about PayperPost, Blogsvertise or Blogitive. I have came across some new ones and i will be writing about them in the near future so keep reading my blog for updates. The first one i am writing about is Blog to profit.

Blog to Profit pays you up to $250 for each advertisement you write about that particular company. The best thing about them is they will only ask you to write about things related to your blog category unlike for example Blogitive which may ask you to write about anything, wheather it has to do anything with your blog or not. Blog to Profit is really into trying to work with the blogger to help them find “sponsors” for their style of blog. So if you’re blog is about cooking, they will match you up only with sponsors whose ads will have something to do with cooking. In addition Blog to Profit only works with credible companies with genuine quality services to offer. So you don’t have to worry about degrading the quality of your blog while trying to monetize your blog by writing sponsored posts.

Registering your blog with Blog to Profit is quick and easy, all you have to do is go to their homepage and fill out some basic info about your blog. You don’t have to mention page rank or Alexa score but if you have a good PR or Alexa rating you may want to include this info in the section where you can enter additional info about your sites.

Currently they do not offer a referral program but who knows it may come out pretty soon. Click HERE to sign up with them.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Local Classified Ad Provider in UK is a really cool website, focused towards the UK market. They seems to have covered a full range of advertising options, from holiday homes and cars to pets and driving schools. They offers free classified ads, so you can search and find just about anything you are looking for absolutely free of cost. They offers valuable information such as local events calender, traffic updates and weather, and more importantly, heaps of classifieds where you can buy or sell, all for free!

They also feature a community section, where you can find area clubs and organizations to join. You can also surf through their blog section and find blogs on tons of topics. They also hosts photograph competitions from time to time so if you are a good photographer you can enter your photographs for a chance to win some cool prizes.

All in all, this website is very cool. If you live in the UK pop on over and visit them today!

*This is a sponsored post*

Adsense Alternatives

Users get banned of using Adsense because they accidentally clicked on the their own ads/framed up by hackers by clicking their ads frequently. Whatever reasons that make them get banned, i have a solution, and that's the topic for today: Adsense Alternatives.

If you are one of them wondering what program should be use to replace Adsense, i have a list. Check it out :

1. Adbrite
Anyone visiting your site can buy an ad directly on your site by clicking “Your Ad Here.” You’ll also be listed in the AdBrite marketplace, and represented by their busy in-house sales staff.

2. Bidvertiser
You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. The goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. They pay monthly, either by check, or instantly through Paypal for a minimum earning of $10

3. Adversal
This is an example of the pop-up. The window will always be in full screen. To make sure the window does not infringe on regular surfing habits, they doesn't allow advertisers to add automatically playing background sound, additional pops, or adult material on their website. Payout is quite good as they pay $1.20 for 1000 views ( Good for those who has a consistent blog traffic but their visitors just don't click on the ads )

4. Chitika
The leading merchandising network for bloggers with more than 12,000 participating blogs and websites

5. Kontera
Kontera has been running In-Text Advertising alongside existing banner, text, or other ad units, thereby providing publishers with a new revenue stream from the content within your site.

6. Yahoo! Publisher
Similar to Adsense , you can customize your own ads and put it wherever you want .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking For Lead Managment - Look For AIMpromote

AIM Promote is a sales lead management system which integrats different aspects of lead management, visitor tracking, and sales analytics into one. It allows user to track every single lead (potential customer), campaign, and revenues and thus helps you to maximize profit by maximizing manipulation of your leads in all the possible ways.

Multi-Level-Marketing personnel may benefit by putting their leads into this system. This way they will be able to track their leads situation, and put them in different groups such as “no interest”, “needs encouragement” and “sure downline”. It will help them to fully utilize these leads, to convert their leads into their downline. This way sales will be maximized, and profit will grow because companies can now fully focus on other aspects of the products, such as brand development, and research and development rather than tracking their leads.

This system can also be utilized to evaluate outcomes of advertising campaign, or product feedback. Leads that fill in feedback forms will have their data taken and arranged in a way that results can be shown immediately. Outcome of the campaign will be known almost immediately. These responses can also be used to indicate the general public’s impression and image of the product. From there, efforts can be done to improve brand image, if it is bad.

In short this system is a must for companies looking for opportunities to grow, as it minimizes expenditure and maximizes profit.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monetize Your Blog With CREAMaid

CREAMaid is new interesting way to earn money by blogging.

An advertiser put a new argument on Creamaid homepage setting:

- number of review accepted
- price per review
- price per referral

Bloggers have only to point their browsers on, and then choose an item from the ones available in the left column, follow the instructions, and then write an article about that topic.

When they have finished to write, they have only to add the CREAMaid widget, and now they have only to wait some hours or days ( it depends on advertisers ) to see if their post has just been selected by advertiser, if so they will receive, usually in less than 24h the payment by paypal on the paypal account they notified when they registered the post and got the widget html code.

Payment method: Paypal

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Improve Your Blog's Google Page Rank And Alexa Score - Exchange Links With Other Blogs

It is a well known fact that in order to increase traffic to your blog, different strategies are required. The best way to increase traffic to your blog or to increase your Google Page Rank and Alexa Score is to have as many backlinks to your blog as possible. There are various ways to get backlinks to your blog. The best way to get backlinks to your blog is to visit similar blogs(similar category) with higher Page Ranks and ask their owners to have a link exchange with your blog. Other way is to buy links to your blog(paid link). There are several sites like PayPerPost or Blogsvertise which can help you in that. Well i have found a great site where you can get links for your blog at no cost at all. The site is called Linkmetro.

Linkmetro is a link exchange site. It is a directory of blogs wanting to exchange links with each other in order to improve their Google Page Rank. Blogs are listed in different categories so you can simply browse the category and request any blog of your choice to have a link exchange with your blog. The good thing about it is that you can exchange links (if approved) with many high rating/ranking sites in the category you want. And all that at absolutely no cost at all.

Improving Page Rank is very important for a new blog. By back linking to high Google Page Rank sites you can increase your blog's rating/ranking and hence get better traffic from Google. The site shows each website Page Rank when you search for sites to exchange links with them. Membership is absolutely free. Click HERE to join.

Increase Your Blog Traffic With Blogexplosion

Blogexplosion is a free blog submission directory and traffic generator... two in one ! Blogexplosion has over 48,000 blogs in their directory which get millions of hits from other blog readers.

You can join this community of bloggers and as you visit their blogs you get credits towards your own blogs that can get you web traffic. Blogexplosion traffic generation is a manual process (manual surf) which means that when you visit other blogs you are required to click on a a random number to move on to the next blog. This would mean you have to pay attention to the sites you are visiting, which is good. You can submit your blog to a directory which ensures that you would get hits from other readers that share your

There are a large no of traffic generating sites, manual or autosurf, available over the internet but most of these sites are not effective in getting quality readers as most people are concerned about getting credits or in case of paid sites, to earn a few cents. Blogexplosion seems centered towards blogs only and does not include non-sense sites so its possible that this could be effective. Its something you can try. Just be careful if you have Adsense on your blog not to try any traffic generating site. This is against Google Adsense policies.

They also offer a referral program where you can refer people to sign up and for that you would get free credits that has no money value but you can use that to get web traffic. You can add your blog's banner to increase your blog's visibility. They also have monthly contests and lottery that can earn you credits, which could be used to get traffic to your blog.

To signup with them click HERE.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sell Your Old Ipod for Cash - Even if its BROKE!

Have an ipod you want to sell? Ipods are like computers – the technology changes so rapidly that you find yourself upgrading to a new one every couple years so you have better features like more memory, great capabilities and a better design as a whole. The problem with selling an old Ipod is that lets say you list it on Ebay – well, there’s so many people selling Ipods on Ebay that you have to ask next-to-nothing for it. Then after you pay shipping charges, listing fees, final sale fees and so on, you’re left with literally a buck or two. And who wants to go through all that hassle for a single dollar? This is the exact same scenario with You can also try to list your Ipod for free on but the odds of finding someone in your city who wants your ipod and *has the money for it* is slim to none. So why not sell to the source?

Ipods and Beyond specializes in buying and selling new and used Ipods. They even sell refurbished Ipods.

Here’s some price quotes, if you are interested in selling your Ipod:
An Ipod Shuffle can get you up to $40.00 in cash
An Ipod Nano will earn you up to $177.00 in cash
If you sell them your Ipod Mini you can get up to $98.00 in cash
And an Ipod 10GB – 80GB can score you up to a killer $283.00 in cash money!

So as you can see, selling your Ipod to the source, Ipods and Beyond is the way to go. And don’t worry if your model isn’t listed, Ipods and Beyond buys ALL models of Ipod! Ipods and Beyond even buys broken Ipods, Ipods with cracked screens and Ipods that are missing accessories. There’s no requirements to purchase a new Iopd from them nor do you have ot pay any fees of any kind to sell them your old Ipod.

Payments are made in 1-2 days from Ipods and Beyond if you choose to accept a Pay Pal payment. If you’d rather have your funds sent via check in the US Mail you will get paid in 5 – 10 days.

Worrided about your transaction? Don’t be! Ipods and Beyond is BBBOnLine Reliability Program.

Want to remove your music or other materials before selling? You can perform a factory reset which will remove all of your music from your iPod. The procedures to perform a factory reset can be found in your service manual or on Apple’s web site.

If you’re interested in selling your Ipod to Ipods and Beyond, or if you just want some more information or to read their list and get a price quote please click HERE and you’ll be brought to their main site.


*Additional Money Making Opportuniy*
If you’re an Ebayer you may want to look for listings of broken Ipods. People sell them for pennies because they are not aware that they can make money off of them. Before you buy anything get a quote from Ipods and Beyond. You’ll be surprised how fast your turn around time will be! Definitely a great way to supplement your income!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Join the Shareasale Affiliate Network - Make Money by Promoting Products and Services

If you own a website or blog you may consider making some money online by promoting various programs or products available over the net. This is called affiliate marketing. There are various affiliate programs available online that pay for every sale or every lead generated for their product or services.

To make money from affiliate programs you may consider searching for various attractive and legitimate affiliate programs available online, joining them and promoting their product or services. Well this seems a bit tedious and boring as you will have to create affiliate account with each of them, remember their login information, checking your activity and summary report for each programs promoted.

There is an another better way by which you can make 1000 of dollars every month through affiliate merketing. Join shareasale affiliate network. It is similar to linkshare or commision junction but it has some of its own advantage which sets it apart from other affiliate marketing networks available online. It consists of 1000 of affiliate programs to promote most of which are very attractive and offer high payout per sale or per lead generated. It contains affiliate programs under different categories so no matter what type of site or blog you own you will find some good programs, products or services to promote irrespective of your site/blog category. Also it contains some very attractive and creative banners for every affiliate programs available which will greatly help you to promote their products and services.

They also have an affiliate program which will pay you $1 for each qualified affiliate you reffer to them. The affiliate must sign up with shareasale as an affiliate, and generate at least one click in order for you to receive the $1. They are also giving $150 for each merchant who would sign with them through your link. So if you want to make some decent monthly income online promoting affiliate programs be sure to join them. Click below to join.

A New Approach to Directory Listing

Big Web Links Directory is a new name in the world of web directory but its new approach to directory listing sets it apart from other thousands of web directories available over the internet. It uses a unique method of sorting the listings based on bid amount rather than on the basis of popularity, pagerank or alphabetically allowing webmasters to easily control the position of listings in the directory. As an additional benefit the top 10 listings are shown on the homepage and top 20 on the top links page. It also provides a listing details page dedicated for each listing, which makes a total of 4 links possible in the directory. Although currently the directory is new, but its new concept is sure to bring it great traffic and very soon the site will achieve a very respectable Google pagerank.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Agloco viewbar - The much awaited release is here

Well the much awaited release of agloco viewbar is near. It is said to be released by the end of this month. Yes its true. By the end of march. We have already seen a lot of delays in its release and are eagerly waiting to see it alive. Aren't we.

For those poor chaps who are still waiting for its release to join it, hurry before its too late. All though you will always get a chance to join the program after its release but you will not get sufficient referrals to build your networks as most of them would have already became a part of "to be the largest network in internet history". Few days still left for its world wide release its still not too late to join and have your self your share of the internet.

If you still want some more information on what agloco is click HERE.

But i would personally suggest you not to waste further time and join the biggerst ever internet revolution by clicking HERE.

John Chow Dot Com - A Review

I am a fond reader of this blog as it provides some very useful information about various ways to earn money online. Any one who is into making money online will find the articles posted in this blog very very useful as it provides an insight into some great opportunities available over the internet to make money online about which most of us have never even heard of. As far as contents are concerned they are updated regularly. The knowledge I've gained through content of this blog as well as reader comments has definitely shaped the way I look at earning money on the internet. Now the owner of this blog John chow has given we felow readers a great opportunity to gain some exposure for our blog. He is offering to link to our blog if you review his blog. Getting a link from a pagerank 4 site would definately boost your own blog/site pagerank and will get some increase traffic to your blog/site.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Online Dating Sites - Proving to be the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs Available Over the Internet

The best way to make 1000 of dollars every month over the internet is by affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products or services over the internet and earning a commission on every sale generated.There are various affiliate programs available over the internet, about most of them i have already discussed in my previous posts. Well their are certain programs or sites who will pay you to refer members to them or clients(in their words). The newest among them are the Online Dating Sites.

Recently large numbers of online dating sites have sprung up here and there all over the internet and they are offering the most lucrative offer over the internet for each refferals(in your words) or member or client(in their words) signed with them by you. Most of them offer $1-$2 for each member referred while some of them offer even $5-$10 for each member reffered to them. Promoting these programs and getting referrals for them are quite simple as their offers are very attractive and this way you may earn 1000 of dollars every month.

I have done some considerable research in this field of online dating sites and have brought you with the best available offers over the internet. All of these sites are free to join and do not require a credit card so it will be quite easy for you refer members to them.

1) offers more than 1,000+ choices of singles to you to chat and date with via your mobile phone. They offer unlimited monthly chat. All the customers need to do is to enter their mobile phone number, click “submit” and confirm the registration by entering the PIN code received by SMS – NO personal information, NO bank account or credit card information, just the mobile phone number. Extremely Easy Ordering Method means Extremely High Conversion Rates. You will earn $8 for Every Successful New User Registration (with double opt-in validation).


SexyD8 is one of the most exciting adult dating communities online. They offer 100% FREE adult matchmaking services to their members with the ability to -Browse through thousands of profiles and sexy photos of members, worldwide, and contact them via email or chat. Members can take advantage of their unique "Sexy Traveler" service- to meet other members who will be traveling on certain dates to different locations in the world. You can also participate in their weekly/yearly contests and earn huge money prizes. Promote SexyD8 and earn $1 for each new registered member you refer to them. Registration is FREE and enables participation on all SexyD8 featured offers.


Join's Affiliate Program! Become an Affiliate Today and Make Big $$$ with!! Offer your Web traffic a FREE membership on a high quality site. Join the Affiliate Program and earn $1 for ever person you send to them that registers for FREE -- Affiliates who generate 50 or more free registrants in a calendar month earn a 50% bonus or $1.50 for each free registrant! Membership is free and no credit card details needed.

4) is the world's newest personals site. Receive $.05 cents for each Lead and 65% of each Sale. Affiliates also receive 10% of sales for each affiliate referred to their program.

5), the hottest picture personal site on the Net, has the world’s best affiliate program. They pay their affiliates an extremely generous $5 for each person that simply registers to Your clients register free and fully privileged for the first log in and receive many free gifts after the registration (Free Spyware keys for, free astrology text reading, free IP Dialer and a free 1 year subscription to Travel Savvy Magazine). EliteMate surely has the most lucrative online dating affiliate program.


They have 3 ways for you to make money:
- Per lead - They pay you $1.00 for any user that signs up and logs in.
- Sale - They credit your account with $21.00 if just one of your members invites 5 other users to the site. In essence your leads works for you to earn money.
- Bonus - If your lead refers 10 or more users they will credit your account with $36.00. This gives you the potential to make $57.00 on just one lead.

Special of the Month:
They will credit your account with $100.00 if you refer 50 or more leads to This will be on top of any of the credit earned from leads, sales, or bonuses.

Some Big News at PayPerPost Coming up - Any Guesses

Well i am sure most of the bloggers must be aware of what PayPerPost is. For those who do not know what PayPerPost does, good time to read all about it. You get paid for writing about web sites, products, services, and companies, plus you earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.

Recently PayPerPost has declared that it is going to announce some big news. And they want us, the blogger community to guess what thing is coming. Can you guess?

Let me have a shot at guessing what PPP is going to announce. Well my first guess is they may introduce some more methods for we bloggers to get paid like introducing video posting or paid links. My second guess is that they may giveup some giftcards, goodies or free stuffs apart from the usual dollars for every post related to the advertiser we have posted about. My third and most unusual guess is that they may be thinking of getting listed into nasdaq and may offers us with shares of their company. Wow, that will be so cool. Well these are purely my assumption but i am sure what ever they have in stores for us these are some guys who love to surprise us and whatever they will introduce or announces will be definitely beneficial to us.

So what are you guys waiting for. Signup with them today and start earning thousands of dollars every month off your blog with their paid opportunities. It is a sincere request to all of you to signup with them using my side badge(its just a humble request not a requisite).

For those who are already registered with them, keep tunning your blog and increase site traffic in the meantime while they come up with the new announcements. Who knows what they may have in folds for you.

ClickNwork - Get Paid to Complete Assignment

While browsing the web i came across this great site where you can get paid to complete assignment. ClickNwork has plenty of online jobs and assignments and they are always opened to recruit home-based professionals and workers around the world to complete their assignments. Clicknwork's home-based workers can earn $5 to $150 per hour completing assignment at home. The jobs and assignments in Clicknwork are broken into 4 categories:

- Analysts
- Information specialists
- Web searchers
- Others

To be a clicknwork's home-based worker, you have to pass a pretty tough online test.

Get Paid to "Review My Post" - New Program from PayPerPost

PayPerPost recently announced its "Review My Post" program. For those of you who are unaware of what PayPerPost (PPP) is, they are a paid to post program that pays bloggers to post in their blog about different opportunities listed on their site. It is very simple to do and is by far, in my opinion, the easiest way to make money online if you are a blogger.

Now for this new program. This program pays you every time someone signs up with them and review any of your post. This program benefits both of you, you and the one who reviews your post. Both of you will be paid in this program.

Well this is just one side of the story. With this not only you will earn money but at the same time your post and your blog as a whole will get some exposure and will eventually help you to increase blog traffic. As a result your pagerank and alexa rating would increase and you will be able to take up some high paid opportunities available with them. Isin't it great. Well atleast it seems great to me.

Well this is great opportunity to make some decent money out of your blog especially to bloggers who are not interested in doing sponsored post. Simply add this badge at the end of all your post and when anyone click the badge he/she will be directed to PayPerPost sign up page. And when he will sign up with them he will be given the opportunity to review your post. And when he does that both you and that person will be paid for it. So you need not do anything to earn this money. Simply put this badge at the end of all your post and wait for your paypal account to get flooded with 1000 of dollars every month.

Get Paid to Upload Videos at METACAFE

Sharing video online can be a way to make a steady income. has come out with a very interesting producer reward program that pays producers to upload videos. If you have videos that you own the copyright, you may consider submitting them to and make money for each view. Metacafe pays $100 per 10,000 views. 10,000 views seem to be too many and unachievable in Metacafe. No, this isn't true because there are more than a million people visit Metacafe every day to search and watch videos in Metacafe. So, it is fairly easy to get ten thousands of views or more if your videos are interesting.

If you want more information about their producer reward program click HERE. - Get Paid to Share Pictures is a picture sharing site that pays people to upload photos & pictures on There are two ways to earn money in Shareapic:

1) Earn from Picture Views
Users will earn $0.22 per 1000 image views on the pictures uploaded. Thousands of image views(or even more), allthough seems quite difficult but are easily achievable if you are a blogger or post your images in different places like Myspace, large forums and ebay.

2) Earn AdSense Commission from Your Pictures
Members can display their AdSense ads on their Picture and photo pages to earn AdSense revenue. Your AdSense earning will depend on your picture page views also. The more page view, the better.

Membership is free. They also have a mass upload tool that will enable you to upload whole galleries consisting of 100 of pics in a go rather than uploading single pic at a time. Thus saving you lot of time and effort and also helping you earn a substantial money by sharing pictures. Click HERE to join.

BusinessSuites - Leaders in Providing Executive Office Suites

This concept is very good and profitable especially for small business. It is not possible for everyone especially for small business to get a seperate office space for their business and in monetary terms it is lot cheaper than getting a permanent office space. BusinesSuites is a leader in the office business center industry. They offer cheap solutions to business in terms of providing modern Executive Office Suites which consists of fully furnished offices with flexible terms including a generous variety of professional administrative support services. Thats not all. You will get all this and lots more on a pay-per-use basis. So you just pay for what you use and there is no hassle of paying lots of rent and the utility bills. With their service you need not buy any furnitures or other office accessories, in this way you can save considerable effort, time and lots of money. All you are left with to take care off is how to make your business a great success. They provide office space in Maryland, Nevada and Texas. To have a view of their splendid Office Space Austin TX click the link.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hottest Online Money Earning Opportunities - A Quick Monthly Recap

My current blog "Online Money Earning Opportunities" is meant to provide readers with review about various money earning opportunities available online. But since even i am into making some money online my blog is spread with sponsored post which my readers felt annoyed about(as they have complained about it). Well i do not encourage my readers to read those sponsored posts(well you may read them in your spare time as even they contain some great offers and information) so i will be posting every month links to only the hottest online money earning opportunities available over the internet which i have posted about over the month so that it would be easy for my readers to have a close look at them whenever they return to my blog.

Earn Real Fast Cash For Posting a Link On Your Site

List of Some More Get Paid to Complete Surveys Programs

Earn Extra Money Doing What You Do everyday - Using a Search Engine

Make Money by Reviewing Softwares at

Make 1000 of Dollars Every Month by Taking up Paid Surveys - earn online while learning how to earn online
PayPerPost - A Great Source of Income for Bloggers

Tip to Earn Free Credit at Xpango and Get Exciting Free Gifts without Spending a Penny

Get Free Mobile Phones, Apple Ipods and Gaming consoles.Confused ! Check the Article Below For Details

Join the Agloco revolution. Own the internet

Get Paid to Post With BLOGSVERTISE - Great opportunities ahead

Most Effective Search Engine Submission. Get Listed In Just 2 Days. Guaranteed

Get paid to review products

Using Myspace to Make Money - Get Paid for Bulletins and Banners!

Easiest Money Ever Earned on Internet - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral

Babylon 6 + Oxford dictionary & Thesaurus

Looking for cute and real singles? Join friendfinder

Best affiliate programs> Build. Collaborate. Manage. Publish.

Tips and tricks for MYLOTERS

Paid to Write Companies

Get paid to chat online

The 3 worst Online Money Making Opportunities

The truth about making money online

Earn Real Fast Cash For Posting a Link On Your Site

Money4Blogs pays web owners or bloggers cash to display their links. The links they ask you to display are only text links and contain no graphics. Most of their links are related to the finance industry and does not contain any objectionable content. Money4Blogs does not have a standard pay rate per link, they make offers based on you page rank and other site statistics.

Blog/Website Qualifications:

Your blog must be in English.
Your Blog must be active. By this I mean it has to be regularly updated.
Your blog should be listed with Google.
No blogs under 3 months old will be accepted.
Blogs with Plagiarized content will also be rejected.
Absolutely no explicit content is allowed!

The process for working with Money4Blogs is easy. All you have to do is visit their site and submit some quick info about your blog or blogs that you would like them to make a monetary offer for. M4B will then review your blogs and send your offer via email. Once you have received your offer you can either accept it or reject it. From my personal experiences, if you reject the offer they will negotiate a higher price if they really want their links displayed on your site(s).

Once you have settled on a pay out amount that you feel is fair they will send you the links in html format and all you have to do is paste them into your homepages template. The links must appear on your side bar.

After you have place the links on your website you simply email M4B and let them know. They’ll inspect your site and make sure the links are placed in the correct position and are in proper working condition then you will be paid in your preferred method of payment.

I believe the links must be left on your site for one year. There’s no limit to how many sites you can submit to them either, so there is a chance to make quite a bit of money.

From what I have read and my own experiences, M4B pays about $8 - $20 per link on each site. So if you want to make some fast money that’s a pretty easy way to do it.

If you are interested in getting an offer from M4B just visit their website and submit your blogs info by going HERE.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

List of Some More Get Paid to Complete Surveys Programs

1)Opinion Square

Membership is FREE
Earn Cash and Prizes for Each Completed Survey
Surveys are Fun and Always Voluntary
Your Information is Confidential

To join OpinionSquare, you will need to answer a few questions about yourselves, your household and your Internet usage and download the OpinionSquare software. Panel membership is free and all members’ personal information remain confidential.

OpinionSquare members have the opportunity to take surveys in exchange for such benefits as earning “OpinionRewards” reward points and entries into “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes. For registering with OpinionSquare, qualified members could win a chance at $100,000 CASH. Drawings are held on a monthly basis. To join click below.

2)Permission Research

PermissionResearch collects information that is used by a U.S.-based market research company that is a nationally-recognized authority on Internet and general economic trends. Major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and CNBC routinely cite this data.

In exchange for having their Internet browsing and purchasing activity observed, members have access to free software downloads and other benefits including:

• Free online disk storage
• Free software to password protect important documents and folders
• Free software to help maintain online privacy
• Over 450 free online games
• Free email virus protection
• Free screensavers
• Free sweepstakes entries
• Points redeemable for merchandise and gift cards

Membership is free and members’ personal information remain confidential. To join click below.
Free downloads from PermissionResearch


Nielsen//NetRatings is a global leader in Internet media and market research. It's free, it's easy to signup and everyone over the age of 18 years can participate. Panel members are asked to fill out a short profile and download their meter software to recieve surveys that will most interest them. Membership is free and all personal information will remain confidential. Members can expect to receive periodic surveys (and more chances to win prizes) via e-mail. Nielsen//NetRatings affiliates will be paid for every user who joins their panel (completes profile and downloads their meter software). Program is open to residents in the following countries: US (United States) UK (England or United Kingdom) ES (Spain) IT (Italy) Typical site conversion rates are 12-30%. Dependant on residents, Panelists will recieve a sweepstakes entry, Euros, or free software in exchange for joining this exciting research panel. To join click below.
Click Here To Win!

4)Survey Annex

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Pingo Prepaid Calling Cards - The latest Arrival in International Calling Cards

Have you heard about Pingo. They are the latest arrival in the international calling card business and with a bang. They provide prepaid calling card service that can really save you big money on long distance calls. They provide calling cards that are designed to provide you with the best calling card experience, including quality, convenience, and customer service at the most competitive rates available today. Their calling card comes with just a nominal monthly maintenance fee of 98 cents and no additional charges - what you see is what you pay. Thats their claim and i can assure you that its really true. Well you can trust on their quality of service because the name behind providing the service is one of the ten largest carriers of international phone calls in the world, yes its iBasis which has been providing services to leading phone companies like AT&T, MCI, and Sprint on a wholesale basis since 1997. With Pingo calling card service you can take advantage of the same high quality international service and price advantage as has been provided by iBasis througout their history.

Pingo calling cards comes packed with some great features like:
* PIN-less Dialing with PINpass™
* Auto-Recharge Option for Extra Convenience
* Toll-free access
* Automatic recharge
* Online calling card history reporting
* Calling to more than 35 countries around the globe (including US, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Haiti and many more)

Thats not all, you'll get more. You can receive up to 4 hours of free International calls i.e. $5.00 USD in FREE calls for doing one of the following:
* Signing up
* Linking to
* Joining Pingo’s affiliate program that pays $15 for each new customer they refer.

They provide all the stuff you will ever need from a calling card. In short its surely the last calling card you will ever need.

To know more about their prepaid calling cards click HERE.
To have more info on various countries you can call to using their prepaid calling cards and the related costs click HERE.