Monday, November 13, 2006


There are a lot of earning oppurtinities on the net like affiliate programs,referrals programs,google adsense,paid2click,paid 2 read e-mails,paid2surf programs etc but they all require sum hardwork.Its not that you will start earning from them by simply signing up for these need to work hard to make a substantial income from these programs,much harder at the begining to get the things going in the right direction.

Let me put it straight forward,You can not earn a substantial income from any of these programs if you work alone(for there are exceptions).If you work alone even 12-15 hrs a day you will not earn even enough money to pay for your internet or your electricity usage bills.The key is to get as many referrals as you can.Build your downline deep.In that way you can earn good money through the combined effort of you and your referrals.


Now the question is how to get these referrals.For getting referrals you can post you referral link on your webpage,blogs or advertise them on various classified sites and discussion forums.


Now the more important question is were to invest your energy and time.Auto surf,paid to surf and paid to click sites are now the the thing of past.They are waste of both your energy and time.They will not give you the desired return.

Paid to read emails are a good options as far as guarenteed payment is concerned but again you cannot make enough money through them without having enough referrals.

Doing surveys are a good options too but you need to be very carefull while selecting such programs.

However Affiliate programs are doing very well in this context.They pay you to sell there product or to addvertise their product or simply to bring them referrals.Payout is very high and payment is guaranteed(with exceptions as they always are).


Before joining any of these programs simply do a google search about these program to know whether these programs pay or are simply scams.look for them in various discussion forum.ask the persons who referred you of whether they have been paid or not.if possible ask for payment proof.What happens is they join the program and without ever been paid or without even knowing whether they will be paid or not they start advertising the program in quest to get some referrals.
Also look for there payment rate.if its too high more chances are that they are fraud and they are not going to pay you.look for there payout rate should be reasonable enough to ensure you that you get your payment.another thing to look for before joining is how they make payment to there members.whether they pay through paypal or cheque.Paypal is always a better option than cheque if you reside outside US.

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