Sunday, January 20, 2008

Link Worth: Set your own Rate and get Paid

Linkworth is super cool site which hooks website owners up with different kinds of link advertisers. Whats really great about this program is that its very minimal work for the site owner and a great source of monthly income. Signing up with LinkWorth is free. After your account has been created you simply add each of your websites/blogs to it. It takes about 24-48 hours for your blog to get approved and in most of the cases it will certainlly get approved. After your blog is approved you get to set your desired monthly rate so people can buy links.

With LinkWorth you are able to do the following:

1. Get paid a fixed monthly rate for links placed in your sidebar. Position of links is up to you.

2. Write advertisements as we do with payperpost or blogsvertise that contain links. You set the minimum price you would accept for any offer but the maximum is upto the person for whom you writing the Ads.

3. Place banner Ads for cash. Sometimes the advertiser will want the banner inside an article that you have written about a similar topic, other times they will want it in your sidebar.

4. Earn in other ways. There’s a few other kinds of links that you can sell – single page links, links within articles that are not target towards the advertiser, etc.

One thing great about LinkWorth is that you don’t have to run for and scout advertisers – they scout you. All you have to do is set your rates. Once the advertiser finds your site/blog, they will then request you to write articles or place text links or banners on it. You have full authority to accept or reject their proposal without any penalty. Some sites force you to place the link on your site as long as the advertiser buys it – not with LinkWorth.

In addition, LinkWorth also has a good referral program that lets you make some extra bonus cash by getting other people to sign up and make money for free as well as advertisers who wish to boost their SEO.

To join LinkWorth click HERE