Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Get Free Mobile Phones, Apple Ipods and Gaming Consoles...Confused !...Check the Article Below For Details...

Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod
Thats there claim. But its a bitter truth that nothing in this world is absolutely free. But yet what they claims seems to be true to a great extent. The site is called XPANGO.

They are offering free mobile phones, ipods and gaming consoles in exchange of credits earned by their members. These credits can be earned by referrings other members, by completing various offers most of which are free and many others have a limited trial period associated with them, so you dont need to invest a penny to earn credit and recieve your free gift. Just go and signup for an offers and after their trial period expires, simply unsubscribe. In this way you will not be expending any money to earn the required credit and to claim ypur free gift. And as i told you earlier there are a large no of offers that are absolutely free to signup. You will receive anywhere between 1-4 credits for any offer that you sign for depending upon the offer.

You can also refer friends and earn credit when they register their account for a free gift under your referral id and activate their account by accepting any offer.

They also offer a very unique way to earn large no of credits to exchange them with your free gift. That is the CLIX system. Clix offer a new and revolutionary way of gaining Credits to receive your Free Mobile Phone or Apple iPod ! The New Clix System makes it quicker and easier to receive Free Mobile Phones & Apple iPods from Xpango.
Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod

What are CLIX ?

Clix packages can be purchased in numbers of 250, 350 and 450 Clix and 1 Credit is included in your purchase to get your started. This means that if you purchase the 250 Clix Package, you will receive 250 visitors who come to the Xpango website referred by your Referral ID. If just 13 of these visitors Sign-up and make a purchase, you will automatically have enough Credits for a Free Apple iPod Nano, or 14 will get you a Motorola RAZR v3 !

When you purchase a New Clix Package or Top-Up Package, you can select the number of Clix you would like to receive. Xpango has set-up an advertising network of a large number of websites that feature Xpango Banner Adverts.

Now I have made it clear to you how easy it is to earn credit, you must be confused as to how much credit you must earn to claim a mobile phone or an ipod or a sony playstation, let me offer you some help with that.

They have a large collection of latest mobiles phones includind the nokia N series, sony erricson walkman phone, motorola razor V3i, Apple 30 GB ipods, microsoft Xbox 3 and sony playstation 3 gaming consoles to offer.
Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod

Some of there best offerings and no. of credits required to exchange them are:
Nokia N95 - 40 Credits
Nokia N92 - 45 Credits
Nokia N93 - 43 Credits
Nokia N91 - 33 Credits

LG KG800 Chocolate - 22 Credits
Motorola V3x - 24 Credits
Motorola KRZR K1 - 23 Credits
Motorola V3i - 18 Credits

Sony Ericsson W850i - 28 Credits
Sony Ericsson K800i - 28 Credits
Sony Ericsson Z610i - 26 Credits
Sony Ericsson W950i - 37 Credits
Sony Ericsson W300i - 17 Credits
Sony Ericsson W900i - 30 Credits
Sony Ericsson W800i - 20 Credits

Apple ipods Video 30GB - 19 Credits
Apple ipods Video 80Gb - 26 Credits
Sony Walkman 20GB - 18 Credits

XBOX 360 Premium System - 28 Credits
Sony Playstation 3 - 40 Credits
Sony PSP - 15 Credits
Nintendo Wii - 18 Credits

Registration is absolutely free. So go ahead and join fast to earn credits and to claim as many free gifts as possible before others would get there hands on them.Click below to register.
Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod

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