Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free is too expensive... Own the Internet!

This is AGLOCO™ 's proposition, just three words: Own the Internet.

Whenever you are online, either surfing, blogging, clicking on an ad, making a purchase, all the money generated by your activities is pocketed by a small number of players. At AGLOCO™ they give you your share of money!

AGLOCO™ is a global community, whose owners are its Members (you and potentially the millions of internet users out there). Their goal is to capture a significant portion of the value generated by our online activities and return it to Members in cash. Best of all, it is totally free, Members will NEVER have to pay anything, nor will they have to disclose ANY personal information!

All you have to do is to join the network,download a small viewbar(The AGLOCO Viewbar is currently in beta release. It will be available in wider release in most countries shortly), and carry on with your regular activities on the net.Thats all you have to do.The viewbar will take care of all your earnings.

If you can refer a few people to the network thats awesome,your earning potential will increase thousand folds.

So are you really interested in making some real easy money on the net then join the AGLOCO™ network

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Using Myspace to Make Money - Get Paid for Bulletins and Banners!

Here’s the ultimate opportunity for anyone wishing to make money off myspace. Using your myspace account to turn a profit is very easy for anyone to do and it doesn’t take any technical knowledge either! Myspace Money Maker is a company that specializes in myspace advertising. They are basically the middlemen for businesses looking to advertise. The majority of these businesses probably either can afford television advertising or they wish to reach a much larger audience for way less money. How better to do so than through myspace. The problem is that these businesses don’t have the ability to reach lots of people because they don’t have REAL profiles. They might have a myspace profile but since it’s strictly for business they rarely receive friends requests. And what good does a bulletin do if 5 people are going to read it?
So these businesses contact “middlemen” like Myspace Money Maker and pay them to find people like you and I who have myspace profiles with real friends attached to them. They then PAY US to post bulletins or display banners on our site.

Wanna get involved? There are very few requirements –

To become a Banner Poster, all you have to have is:

You must have at least 100 friends.
You must have pay pal to receive payment.
You must add Myspace Money Maker to your friends.
You must place their banner on your page.
You must not delete their banner from your page for a month.
And yes, they do actually check to make sure it’s there! So no cheating!

To Become a Bulletin Poster, all you need is:

You must have at least 100 friends.
You must have pay pal to receive payment.
You must add Myspace Money Maker to your friends.
You must post a bulletin.
You must not delete the bulletin.
Only 1 bulletin per user.
You must post the bulletin the way they send it to you. No changing words or adding images, signatures, etc.

So the big question now is “How much do I earn for posting bulletins?!”
Pay is made on the following scale:

If you have 100 – 500 Friends you will make $1 per bulletin
500-1000 Friends - $2
1000 – 2000 Friends - $3
2000 – 3000 Friends - $4
and so on, with pay increasing by $1 for every 1,000 friends until you hit 10,000 Friends, then you will make $10 per bulletin and 20,000+ Friends gets you a whopping $15 each! Wow!

So as you can see this can really be profitable, especially if you have a few thousand friends.

Granted, a buck may not seem like a whole lot but consider the fact that all you are doing is posting one simple bulletin, it’s actually not bad at all! Especially if you can get multiple jobs in a day. This is by far one of the easiest ways to make an additional $10, $20 or even $50+ a month for doing basically nothing!

To participate in this maony making opportunity, go HERE! It's as simple as that (NOT A REFERRAL LINK!)

If you are in MYSPACE please ADD ME

Friday, November 24, 2006

Easiest Money Ever Earned on Internet

Welcome to the world's first real online Long Term Investment Program (LTIP) - a unique opportunity for serious minds. Online Capital is a Vienna (Austria) based financial organization. We provide an important value-added service by using means of syndication, securitization and various treasury vehicles. As an industry leader we provide a tax free income haven, which is fully confidential.

Didn't understand what is it,let me make you understand.This company invest your money in stock tarding,forex trading and other money trading business and gives you a share of the profit made on your money.But if you are not willing to pay any money,thats not a problem.Just signup for this program and you will get a $25 bonus for signing up.Though you can not withdraw the bonus money ,you can for sure withdraw the profit earned on that $25.

Yes its true.I signed up for this program,got the bonus amount of $25 and after 3 days when i checked my account i was really surprised to see that i have earned a profit of $2.25.I also withdrawed that money to my E-gold account and withen second the money was there in my e-gold account,since the minimum payout is $1.5 through e-gold.This was surily the easiest money i have ever earned from any internet activity.

So i would suggest you people not to waste time and signup for this program because they may not give away the bonus money for to long.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006 - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral !!! - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral !!!

Thousands of affiliates cannot be wrong! The Forex (currency trading) industry is the world's biggest market on earth, with a daily turnover of 2.5 trillion dollars! joins forces with Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, a world leader in online currency trading. We have affiliates that are making over $100,000 USD per month why not join it's free and easy we will guide you every step of the way.

  • Earn Up To $10,000 USD Per Referral!!!
  • Professional advertising materials (Banners, Text Links, Mini Sites & more)
  • Accurate and reliable statistics, tracking, reporting and display.
  • Fast and reliable cash and commission payments.
  • 24x7 Personal account management, for all affiliates and business partners.
  • Payment options available include wire transfer, credit cards, cheques and Paypal.
  • Highest conversion rates than any other Forex program GUARANTEED!
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  • Link365 toolbar

    Link365-Its all in the name
    This is a very handy toolbar.It has got an online radio player,a weather forecast button,e-mail notifier,popup blocker,history and cache cleaner,embeded google search,a news ticker and lots of other useful links.The link365 toolbar is loaded with features which its users will find very handy.

    Its works with internet explorer and firefox.

    Download Link365 Toolbar

    Babylon 6 + Oxford dictionary & Thesaurus

    Download Babylon 6
    Text Translations in 50 languages, all in a single click
    Babylon 6 is all you need for text translation and dictionary results in one click
    Single click to the world's leading dictionary and thesaurus. Oxford on Babylon gives you access to the most comprehensive resource of the English language. The Oxford Dictionary provides more than 240,000 words, phrases and meanings, while the Oxford Thesaurus delivers over 365,000 synonyms. You also enjoy Babylon's 50 language dictionaries and 1,200 free public glossaries.

    >Single Click Activation - Simple and intuitive to use
    >Full text translation
    >Wikipedia content
    >Oxford Concise Dictionary and Thesaurus
    >Translates texts in 50 languages
    >Single click unit Conversions - currencies, time zones and measurements

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Looking for cute and real singles?Join friendfinder.

    Looking for cute singles?
    Looking for real singles?
    Find someone now on the world’s largest online dating network.
    FREE signup! Post a FREE ad w/5 photos, mingle in chatrooms, watch video intros , meet your soulmate! 1000 new photos posted every day.
    Meet someone NOW!
    Here are a list of some of their exiting features:
    >Blogs:Create an online journal or diary of your real life experiences so that people can learn more about you!
    >Chat:Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest. There are 184 members chatting right now, so jump into the lively conversation!
    >Connect:Create a personal network of your favorite people! You can share photos, and send out cool comments and party invitations to all your friends.

    Best affiliate programs

    1)FriendFinder is the World's Largest personals site and gives the highest paying affiliate program on the Web. They offer webmasters the choice of programs, designed to pay out the highest amounts for any type of traffic.
    You can get paid from this affiliate program in four different ways:
    Option I - Per Member Payout:
    Our per member payout program is easy. We pay you $2.00 for each woman and $1.00 for each man that signs up for a free membership.
    Option II - Percentage Program:
    The more traffic you send, the more you earn with our percentage program. You receive a percentage of initial orders and reorders. With the free member sign up bonus, you could be earning more than we do!
    Option III - Per Order Payout:
    Earning cash is a no-brainer with our per member order program. Every premium member sign-up earns you a $25.00 payout. The only question is – how many memberships will you drive today?
    Broker Programs - Get 10% of other webmaster programs
    Your broker account is automatically created for you when you sign up as an affiliate. You earn an extra 10% when other affiliates sign up under your broker ID – no extra work, just extra earnings!

    2)Join the Babylon Affiliates Program
    Register today for the Babylon Affiliates Program and Get Babylon and Wikipedia For Free For Your Website. The Babylon Box is an amazing added value providing your users with extra content from Babylon's Dictionaries, and Wikipedia's Encyclopedias in over a dozen languages. Plus, Babylon pays one of the highest commissions in the industry - a generous 40% cut plus 2nd Tier! All you have to do is Sign up here.

    3) - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral !!!

    Thousands of affiliates cannot be wrong! The Forex (currency trading) industry is the world's biggest market on earth, with a daily turnover of 2.5 trillion dollars! joins forces with Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, a world leader in online currency trading. We have affiliates that are making over $100,000 USD per month why not join it's free and easy we will guide you every step of the way.

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  • Friday, November 17, 2006> Build. Collaborate. Manage. Publish.

    From so many days, I was searching for a service on the web/internet that allows user to create content, to share with one or more users for managing that content, also allows user to expose that content to the world or to the internal members of site / group / organization easily. I was looking for such a kind of service/product just to bring all of my friends, situated at different location, under one roof where we can store, share knowledge, information like articles, photos etc. And finally I came across

    (pronounced: 'sign-in') which has incorporated few more functionality than what I was looking for. If you are eager to know, "What is and how will it help you?" you must visit To get more information about you should visit Press Releases and In the News sections of BLOG - the OFFICIAL BLOG of the team. (pronounced “Sign-in”) is an enterprise bliki service that enables teams, companies or communities to create, manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate & discuss upon, share, publish and broadcast any kind of information or manages all your rich content, audio, video, images, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, archives and any type of files.

    What is a Bliki?
    A bliki is a web based collaboration and publishing system, that marries the concepts and benefits of a blog based publishing software and a wiki based collaboration system.

    Following are a few of’s features and strengths:
    >Collaborate on Everything
    >Single Click Publishing
    >Organize with SlashTags
    >Full Text Search Engine
    >Web based Word Processor
    >Alerts & Notifications
    >Advanced RSS Feeds
    >Next Generation User Interface
    >Manage Media

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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Tips and tricks for MYLOTERS !!!

    First some tricks about posting on MyLot:

    1. Post quality answers at least 3-4 lines long
    2. Tag your answers with as many tags as you can think of.The tags should be words from the title and the description of the discussion and also words from your post. Also try to put new tags that the others haven`t thought about
    3. Start many discussions and try to make as much friends as possible with which to work with, so you`re discussions will be answered.After you`re discussion has been answered the one who answers will benefit from it , and also the one whose discussion has been answered, more than answering/ starting a regular discussion
    4. Look for Brain Busters. They will bring both you and both the one who started it more money 5. Upload Images but be very care full about those because you don`t want to brake the terms and conditions of the site
    6. Try to give pluses.To others and also try to make your referrals give you pluses.And always help them with their new discussions.This will bring both you and them more money
    7. When you have over 50 referrals , you`re referrals should be the only one which you`ll select to receive mails about their new discussions.You won`t receive to much credit from answering regular friends discussions , excluding the case of brain busters!
    8. Tag your photos, give info about them when you upload photos on the site, don`t ever paste and copy answers because myLot Admin will close your account immediately.Also be care full not to engage in disputes with other users.Be very polite and as cute as possible,especially to moms (Not Joking).Make friends there and make everyone give you pluses.Don`t ask for them just be very very very cute and you will get it!!!

    Now here are some tips about bringing referrals:

    1.Concentrate on bringing people from your own country
    2. Don`t pay for leads, Targeted Traffic or things like that.Don`t pay for anything.You`ll lose in the end!!!
    3. First thing you will do when you join MyLot is to send invitations to all your friends.You send invitations to them to join other online communities like MySpace and Hi5,why not send them invitations to join MyLot?? Use the tools that myLot provides for you for inviting your friends 4.Concentrate on finding free advertising methods by yourself,be original.You`ll have more success
    5. Don`t put your link all over the net if you don`t have a site.Make an email public which you`ll use only for this: receiving mails from myLot and receiving mails from potential referrals.When you advertise on the Internet give as little info as possible about your opportunity and be very very mysterious about it.Make people curious.This is your objective when you put your ads on the net.Don`t SPAM!!!
    6. When you receive an e-mail from a potential referral,be care full to have a mail ready to send them.They will all want to know the same thing, so concentrate on being a writer and prepare an email to have for prospects and send it to them
    7. Be care full what info you give them and always have in mind when you write that e-mail that your objectives is to make the Registration process as easy as it can be.So give info about this not tips and tricks about posting or starting discussions
    8. You always have to post on MyLot.Because if your referrals see you not posting they`ll think that you get all your money from referrals and they will concentrate on doing the same.This is were you could lose with referrals.You only get 25% from their personal activity not their referrals.So post post post!!!

    New to MYLOT sign up HERE

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Paid to Write Companies

    Getting paid to write is a great way for people like you and I to make money online. Paid writing jobs are not only a way to make quick cash but also a way to make money every day. In this article I’ll tell you about the different paid-to-write outlets available online and my personal opinion of each of them.

    To begin, many sites will tell you that you need to register or pay a membership fee to write for them. These sites are nothing but SCAMS! Working online is no different than working a 9 –5. Would you pay your regular employer to work? Obviously not! So why pay an online employer to work?

    Every site I recommend is 100% free of charge and REALLY DOES pay.

    1)Associated Content – This is by far my favorite source for writing online. AC pays between $3 - $25 per article depending on a variety of factors. There’s absolutely no limit to how much you can make. Submit as many articles as you want as often or as little as you’d like. AC pays via Pay Pal and they pay you UPFRONT for your articles. This means you can really cash in on this opportunity. Some of the writers make hundreds every week. I make about $30 a day from AC by writing 3 articles. It takes me no more than an hour and a half. Now, imagine what I could make if I was able to devote 4 or 5 hours to writing!
    Another great thing about Associated Content is that YOU chose to maintain rights to the work or sell it completely. If you keep partial rights you can publish it wherever you want as many times as you want. OR sell the piece entirely and you’ll get an even higher monetary offer. So it all really depends on what you plan to do with the articles you create.
    Associated Content has truly no limits to what you can write about. Every week or two they send out an email that says what content they are looking for – but that is not a boundary by any means. It just means that they will pay extra for people to author those particular pieces.
    Another super cool thing about AC is that they always have contests through which participants can win great prizes or money. I have been lucky enough to win a few contests myself!
    AC is truly a company that cares about it’s authors and actually responds to all the emails it receives. I have never had a problem with payments or anything else for that matter. As of last month I have grossed over $2,000 from AC. I HIGHLY SUGGEST writing for them.
    Sign up HERE


    Get PAID to CHAT Online!


    Mylot is a fun way to make a few extra bucks by basically chatting with other users. They have a community of over 30,000 people and millions of postings. if you contribute to the Mylot Community - whether it is by posting a new discussion, responding to a current discussion, commenting on a current discussion, or referring friends, you earn money. Members are paid on a level of activity.

    Posting and responding to discussions is actually really fun and easy! You can create a discussion about just about anything from dating to food to children and so on. Responding to topics is a breeze too!
    Plus you can make extra money by getting people to view your photos, which can be easily and quickly uploaded into your profile section.

    Mylot is a fun alternative to regular online chatting using myspace or other blogging forums. By becoming a mylot member you have the option to participate in super deep discussions about topic like religion or politics or you can just meet people and answer fun questions such as, “What is you favorite cheese?” And I have yet to deal with any “jerks” on this site! Everybody is very open-minded, unlike other forums.

    In addition, Mylot is a superb way to PROMOTE your articles, blogs or websites! You can easily link to them in every appropriate discussion or begin your own topic related to them! For example, I write numerous reviews about online employers and work from home companies. I have been able to link to my articles in every topic that asks, “Where can I find legitimate online work?”
    This not only give me page views on Associated Content, but I also am able to post links to my websites and hope for clicks as well!
    I have been a member of Mylot for almost one week now and I have already noticed an increase in my Adsense account.

    The best part about Mylot is that you can cash out at $10! I love this as an alternative to companies like Adsense that make you hit $100 to get paid or Shareasale that request $50 worth of earnings before you get your check.

    Since I have not been a Mylot member for very long I can not tell you what the real earning potential of this site is. I have read that some users are stuck at .02-cents while other users are making $50+ every day – even when they don’t log on! But I can tell you that I have had a total blast creating discussions and reading responses. Plus, as mentioned earlier, I can promote my work. I do suggest checking it out! But I warn you – it’s addicting!

    Click HERE to sign up and instantly start earning!!!

    The 3 WORST Online Money Making Opportunities

    1. Don’t mess around with Paid-to-Read Email programs. Yes, you CAN make money. Yes, they WILL pay you (most of them anyways), but it is a total waste of your time and effort. The majority of paid to read email companies will give you a whopping .02 cents per email. This means you have to “read” 50 of them to make a buck. So if you would like to make $20 so you can put some gas in your car, you have to “read” 1,000 emails – come on! Not at all realistic.
    But what really goes into “reading” an email for money? More than you would think! Once again, most people fail to read the “fine print” before they sing up for something. Many companies require that you click the advertisement link on the email, visit the website or do some other complete waste-of-time activity before you get your measly 2 pennies for it. So skip this concept completely. I have reviewed over 25 different paid to read email programs and have yet to find one that’s actually worth the time, but, as always, if I find one, you’ll be the first to know about it.

    2. Paid-to-Surf Programs are a rip off. I’m sure you have heard of companies that will pay you to surf the net. This is about the same concept as the paid-to-read emails. Paid to surf programs are trash for numerous reasons. First, you make between .30 - .80 an HOUR. Using the same scenario as we did for the paid to read emails, this means that you have to “surf” for at least 25 hours to get $20.00. But wait, here’s the kicker – setting aside the fact that these companies download all kinds of cookies onto your C drive, they also have requirements. Some companies ask that you click an advertisement every so many minutes. Who has time to do that? Other companies only pay you to “surf” the sites affiliated with their company. They tell you that you will know what sites are affiliated with their company because there will be a symbol on it. What the hell? You’re supposed to spend time searching for sites with a symbol?! Anyways, this entire concept is a waste of your time. Once again, if I find a real, quality program that pays well I will recommend it.

    3. Paid-to-Click Programs. These are terrible. Do you know why you are paid to click links? Because the websites make money off clicks. Just like on my websites, if someone decides to click an ad I get a small percentage, usually somewhere around .10 cents per click. This is a great concept for me because I own the website but not for you who is looking to make money. There’s a million requirements that go into paid-to-click programs. You can’t just hurry up and click a whole bunch of links and make a buck. You have to click a link then stay on the new web page for 30 seconds or more, then you’ll make your .05 cents or whatever the payout is. Also you can’t click the same link more than once every hour or 24-hours or whatever the regulation is. This is so advertisers don’t get suspicious and realize that click fraud is taking place in most cases. However, some advertisers join these programs hoping that you will be stuck on their page for 30 seconds and decide to buy the product that they are selling. Either way, if you follow the rules you can make about .60 cents an hour. It will take you damn near 34 hours to make $20.00. Not worth it.

    Instead of spending hours making pennies, spend hours making dollars. You really can make $200, $500, $700+ every week online if you spend your time wisely. Read the articles on my site - everything is completely free! There's never a membership for any of the companies I recommend - just REAL, LEGIT opportunities!

    Monday, November 13, 2006


    There are a lot of earning oppurtinities on the net like affiliate programs,referrals programs,google adsense,paid2click,paid 2 read e-mails,paid2surf programs etc but they all require sum hardwork.Its not that you will start earning from them by simply signing up for these need to work hard to make a substantial income from these programs,much harder at the begining to get the things going in the right direction.

    Let me put it straight forward,You can not earn a substantial income from any of these programs if you work alone(for there are exceptions).If you work alone even 12-15 hrs a day you will not earn even enough money to pay for your internet or your electricity usage bills.The key is to get as many referrals as you can.Build your downline deep.In that way you can earn good money through the combined effort of you and your referrals.


    Now the question is how to get these referrals.For getting referrals you can post you referral link on your webpage,blogs or advertise them on various classified sites and discussion forums.


    Now the more important question is were to invest your energy and time.Auto surf,paid to surf and paid to click sites are now the the thing of past.They are waste of both your energy and time.They will not give you the desired return.

    Paid to read emails are a good options as far as guarenteed payment is concerned but again you cannot make enough money through them without having enough referrals.

    Doing surveys are a good options too but you need to be very carefull while selecting such programs.

    However Affiliate programs are doing very well in this context.They pay you to sell there product or to addvertise their product or simply to bring them referrals.Payout is very high and payment is guaranteed(with exceptions as they always are).


    Before joining any of these programs simply do a google search about these program to know whether these programs pay or are simply scams.look for them in various discussion forum.ask the persons who referred you of whether they have been paid or not.if possible ask for payment proof.What happens is they join the program and without ever been paid or without even knowing whether they will be paid or not they start advertising the program in quest to get some referrals.
    Also look for there payment rate.if its too high more chances are that they are fraud and they are not going to pay you.look for there payout rate should be reasonable enough to ensure you that you get your payment.another thing to look for before joining is how they make payment to there members.whether they pay through paypal or cheque.Paypal is always a better option than cheque if you reside outside US.