Monday, April 30, 2007

Smorty - Get Paid To Blog

Smorty is the latest company on the "get paid to blog" scene. Smorty brings bloggers and advertisers together in a mutually beneficial way. Advertisers that seek opinions about their products and services, pay bloggers to create a buzz in the blogoshpere. You simply blog about your opinion and place a link in your entry. This link will lead to the advertiser that is paying for links and search engine recognition. Want to get paid for blogging?
Here's the 411!

How can you join Smorty and blog for money?
Blogging for pay is not difficult. The first thing you need is an established blog. Here are the other prerequesites.
1. The blog must be indexed by Google.
2. Your blog must be at least 3 months old.
3. The blog must not contain hate, violence or adult content.
4. The blog must be active and have a minimum of two posts a week.
5. You must have a paypal account to receive payment.
6. You can use as many blogs as you want, which means you can earn a nice amount of money!
7 The minimum amount that an entry is worth is $6.00. If your blog has a large readership, high page rank, or good Alexa rankings, you will be paid more per entry.

What is the difference between Smorty and other blog advertising companies?
1. This is one of the few companies that pays bloggers on a weekly basis. I love this because it's convenient. If you need or want some extra money for an unexpected expense, you can write several entries and get paid in a week.
2. They give you a response of acceptance or denial into the program within 72 hours.
3. They are open to bloggers of all countires, as long as they have a PayPal
account. Your content must be in English in order to get paid for blogging.

So what the hell are you waiting for guys. Go and submit your blog at SMORTY. They even have an affiliate program. So go and make other sign up under you before they make you sign under them.

Agloco Viewbar All Set To Release

It seems the agloco viewbar is all set to release. Here is the latest update i received from them. so it seems the wait over the anxious release of the agloco toolbar is about to finish soon. So if you are still waiting to join the agloco community, don't wait much. Join soon.

Here is what they said.

We will be releasing the AGLOCO Viewbar software soon and want to update Members on how things will work when it is released.

Each Member will get an email informing them that their Viewbar is available. It will contain detailed instructions on the download, which will be done from the website. Members will be invited to download in groups of 50,000 a day for a two week period, with Members contacted in the order in which they signed up.

Shortly before the first set of download emails go out, you will receive an email notice that the AGLOCO website will be ‘out of service’ for a few hours – this is necessary for us to move the Viewbar download system from the test server to the main servers.

Also, please be aware of the following:

1. AGLOCO Hours: You will accrue hours in your AGLOCO Member account (current maximum is five direct hours a month). Hours are earned during active surfing on the Internet. The Viewbar has a green light on it that notifies the Member when it is accruing time. Your referrals’ surfing will accumulate hours for you at a 25% rate, meaning if one of your referrals surfs for the maximum five hours you will get 1.25 (0.25 x 5) hours credited to your total referral hours. You can only get credit referral hours up to the amount you directly surf (meaning if you surf 3 hours but a referral surfs 4, you will only get credit for the first 3 of your referral’s 4 hours). AGLOCO accrues these hours each month and also has a cumulative total of all hours earned. These hours are what AGLOCO will use to calculate cash and other distributions. The Viewbar contains a one click inactive button which turns it off and removes it from your screen at any time.
2. Initial Release for Windows: The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Pro and 2000 Server. Later, we will release Mac and Linux versions of the Viewbar. Until that occurs, Mac/Linux users can still log onto any supported Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. The Viewbar works with browsers IE 5.5 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher.
3. Cash Distributions: To be a sustainable entity in the long term, AGLOCO makes Member cash distributions from its positive cash flow (revenue minus costs). Therefore, please do not expect a check after the first couple of months as it will take time to collect revenue from advertisers and this revenue must exceed costs in order to make cash distributions to Members. We will be keeping Members informed of our financials and you can visit the Official company blog at for the latest updates.
4. Multiple Users on One Viewbar: As stated previously, multiple Members may use the same Viewbar on the same computer. Only one Viewbar download will be necessary as the Viewbar software will enable each Member to log in and log out using their AGLOCO Member ID# and password (obviously, only one Member ID# can be accumulating Viewbar hours at any one time). Please note, only one Viewbar is allowed on a screen at a time.
5. One-Time Download: The v1.0 Viewbar is purposely simplistic and minimalist, but it also comes equipped with an automatic self-updating feature. Once you download the Viewbar for the first time, your Viewbar will be seamlessly updated with new additions and features as they become available. These future features include the direct cash back feature when a Member purchases items on sponsor site and a portion of the purchase price is added back to the Member’s AGLOCO account (as described on the Official AGLOCO Blog at . )

We look forward to your active participation in the AGLOCO community.

Dan Jorgensen
Member Coordinator

Saturday, April 28, 2007

SecurZIP - The Next Generation of ZIP

Any one of you who have ever send an email attachment over the net or have uploaded files to a server must be well aware of files zipping software and their advantages. Well there are a no of such software available over the internet but a new such software i came across is called "SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP" which can be found at Well the files zipped using this software are small, neat as well as secure. Thats not just all, it comes at absolutely no cost. They are giving away the full version so you can include an extra level of data security for all your files. So now you are not just compressing your files, you are protecting them from the nasty beady eyes of the hackers and phishers too. Once you take the free download, Secure ZIP will start protecting your Microsoft Outlook® email messages and attachments so your words and details are secured wherever you send them. Free AND secure - what are you waiting for?

Friday, April 27, 2007

ROBOFORM - Remembers Passwords So You Don't Have To - Great Assistance To People Who Are Into Making Money Online

Well i didn't consider writing about ROBOFORM earlier because i used to think that most of the people like me who are into making money online whould already be aware about this tiny little yet so much powerfull and handy tool, but i was a little surprised to know that i was wrong. Many of you people still don't know about this software and the usefullness of this software.

Well to start with, ROBOFORM is a software that allows you fill any signup page or login details instantly just by a single mouse click. Now the question is how does it do this.

It stores the login details the first time you fill them (ofcourse only by your permission ) and the next time you need to use those login details you simply need to click the FILL button and the login details will be filled in the required space. You can also use ROBOFORM to fill signup pages. You need to store information about you like your name, address, email id you generally use to signup for various programs, your most frequentlly used user id and password, your phone no etc and other required information generally asked on any signup page. When you need to signup for any program you simply click on FILL FORM button and all the details would be automatically filled into their required space.

Some of its main features includes:
* Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.
* Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.
* Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.
* Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.
* Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.
* Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync.
* Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.
* Portable: Pass2Go RF runs from USB key, no install needed.
* PDA-friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.
* Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.

This is a very handy tool for all those people who need to signup for several program every day like us who need to signup for every single online money earning opportunity we come over to while browsing the internet.

With this software you will no longer need to remember all your login details. Simply save them with ROBOFORM and get them with a single mouse click. Don't worry about the privacy or security of your login details as all your user ids and passwords are saved under a master password which you need to enter every time you need to fill any login page or signup page.

Click HERE to download this excellent software or if you need to know more about it before downloading it click HERE but i can bet after reading the details you would certainly download it.

PayU2Blog - New Paid to Post Company

Do you want to get paid to blog? PayU2Blog is a fairly new site that will pay you to write an entry in your blog with a link to an advertiser's site. Opportunities like this are great for those of you that are looking for easy ways to make money on the internet.

How can you join PayU2Blog?
Visit their site and submit your blog(s). They will notify you of your acceptance or rejection, by email within 72 hours.

What is required?
1. Obviously, you need a blog.
2. Your posts must have a minimum of 60 words.
3. They don't want negative postings.
4. You must have a paypal account.
5. You can submit as many blogs as you want.

How do you get paid?
1. You get paid every two weeks.
2. You will receive payment through paypal.
3. You will receive $5.00 for each post.

If you need or want to earn some quick money ASAP, sign up. You should receive an assignment as soon as your blog is accepted. Now go submit your sites!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lucky Nugget Casino Review

All Online Gambling sites are not the same - have a look at Lucky Nugget Casino and you will see what I mean. This is a great gambling website with a touch of southern hospitality. Lucky Nugget - the place where fortunes are made overnight and players truly Strike Gold! There are over 200 exciting, realistic casino games on offer at Lucky Nugget Online Casino. One of the foremost casinos on the Internet, the Lucky Nugget's range of exciting online games include Roulette, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, Baccarat, Craps, Keno and Slot Machines.

Make $200 in a flash simply by depositing $50 into your new real account via NETeller, Click2Pay, FirePay OR deposit $50 into your new real account using any credit card and receive a $50 bonus!

Bonus Rules.
You must wager at least 30 X the deposit, before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Excluded Games.
You are allowed to play all games. However please note: The Casino has a special bonus-system, where You need to convert your Bonus casino credits into Cash casino credits. Please see their website for full details.

Casino software by: Microgaming

Payment Currencies: U.K. Pound, Euro

Payment Options: Click2Pay, Credit/Debit Cards, EcoCard, Neteller, Firepay, PrePaidATM, Citadel, Moneybookers, UseMyBank, PaySpark

Licensed: Yes, Gibraltar

The download is fast, however, it contains initially only the most popular games, and the rest of the games download as you play - this way you don't have to wait for the entire software to load, but you can start playing games immediately and the rest will download themselves automatically while you play.

The Lucky Nugget Casino makes sure that its gaming is kept fair and square. Its software uses the Internet to access an independent Random Number Generator each time you play a game to produce card deals, slot bars, rolls of the dice and other chance elements. In this way there is no programming advantage that could possibly favor the house or any player who might try to gain an unfair advantage by counting cards or cracking the system.

If you are looking for one of the best online casinos of all times, you've got it. Lucky Nugget Casino is probably the best Microgaming casino of all times.

*This is a sponsored post*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Make Big Money Promoting this Online Dating Site Affiliate Program

Well i have already discussed in my previous articles that promoting online dating sites is one of the best and easiest way to make really big money online. I have even discussed a few dating sites which you can promote and gat paid handsomely. If you missed that article then here is the link for you.

I have found a new online dating site affiliate program which can help you make great money online. The site is called and offers various ways you can make money off there affiliate program. They provide a Revshare, Pay Per Profile, Pay Per Signups, Pay Per Click and a two tier referral program. They pay upto 70% revenue share for a lifetime or $35 for a one time signup with them. They even pay $10 for each profile registered with them and a handsome $1 for each unique clicks sent to their site. They have quite a few number of sites you can choose to promote. They provide you with all sorts of banners, ads and geo targeted search boxes which will help you to drive traffic to their site. They have members registered with them from all around the globe so promoting their site won't be a difficulty for you whatever may be your nationality. Payment is sent by check, wire or epassporte.

If you own a blog or a website which receives some sort of traffic this is one of the best online money making opportunity who should consider joining. Click banner to join their affiliate program.

How do you invest for the future? Forex? Futures?

One of the best ways to make money on the net is by investing in futures or by forex trading. There are various fores trading platforms available on the net which offers some features or the other. I have recently came across a very good company which offers its users the flexibility to make money by trading forex as well as investing in futures. The company is called global futures. It is one of the largest independent introducing brokerage firms offering futures, options and foreign exchange services on all major exchanges around the world. They provide a trading platform which are well supported and enhanced by global technology and are designed to provide powerful, reliable and value-added brokerage solutions. Some of their features which sets them apart from other companies in the business include:
- Global access to the exchanges
- Fast, efficient and accurate trade processing and back office services
- Commodities industry research and expertise
- Risk monitoring software
- Multiple language capabilities
- Execution expertise and support
- Business plan and operations development
- Website developing and marketing solutions
- 24-hour in-house tech and customer support

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Earn Money Promoting Website Hosting Affiliate Program

If you promote website hosting affiliate programs with your blog, you may be interested in this new web hosting affiliate program. 16Hosts has officially launched their affiliate program and are paying webmasters one dollar just to sign up. More importantly, this web hosting affiliate program also pays on two levels.

You will be paid 25% on all sales generated through your referrals. And if you are lucky enough to have twenty-five hosting packages sold in one month, a huge bonus will be heading your way.

Payment is through PayPal and has a very low threshold. Check out the new website hosting affiliate programs today and see if it is a good fit for your blog. Web hosting affiliate programs continue to be some of the highest paying affiliate programs available online. I expect this opportunity to be no different.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

CBClicks - Another Way to Monetize Your Blog!

Some of you might have noticed the CBClicks banner on the lower right hand side of the blog. CBClicks is an Internet viral ad network you can conveniently have your Click Bank ads appear on your website and on the websites of your downline. CBClicks is a fairly new service that is a great way to monetize your blog without jeopardizing your Google Adsense account. It is nothing but a new viral method of promoting your Clickbank id and earning commission on sale of their product. Don't know what Clickbank is, read my previous article about "Best Ways To Make Money With Clickbank".

CBClicks is an unobtrusive way to monetize your blog. All you have to do is add the code to your blog. You can add it as a banner, an exit pop up or a modal pop up. Before you add the code to your blog, you get to choose categories that pertain to your site's content. This is great because it will only show ClickBank products that your base readers may be interested in. It works like Google Adsense in a way, except it's commission based and viral. How is it viral? When you sign up your Clickbank ID Number is in position #6. As you refer other people to CBClicks your ID moves up in position. Here's the breakdown from the site:

You Signup to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #6 position on your website.
You refer "John" to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #5 position on John's website.
John refers Sue to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is in #4 position on Sue's website.
Sue refers Mary to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #3 on Mary's website.
Mary refers Bob to CBclicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #2 position on Bob's website.
Bob refers Matt to CBClicks - Your Clickbank® ID is now in #1 position on Matt's website

It's new on the net, so signing up early is a good idea. It may be a huge hit and you'll be on the top. Only time will tell. I decided to try it out. I'll never know if it works, if I don't try it. Right? You can click on the banner to look at some stats they provide on the site.

Sign up for CBClicks ... FREE

Best Ways To Make Money With Clickbank

Clickbank is the most popular affiliate network available over the internet. It is now used by over 10,000 web businesses and 100,000 affiliates to deliver their products and services instantly over the Internet, with Ebooks and software the main purchases. This network acts as an intermediary between a customer ordering your product and receiving it.

As a Clickbank affiliates you will have easy access to thousands of products via the ClickBank Marketplace. You don't need to apply to join a specific vendor's affiliate program - you have access to all of them. Merchants tend to pay commissions of around 30% - 50% but there are some that are higher even upto 75%.

To start making money with Clickbank you first need to choose the products that you wish to promote. There are millions of products to choose from. One of the ways to find best products to promote is to look for top paying products.

Login to Clickbank Account and navigate to the Clickbank Marketplace. In the search panel at the top there is the Category field and the "Sort By" field. From the Category field select the category of products you are interested in and from the "Sort By" field select "$ Earned/Sale". This will show you how much you will earn every time you make a sale. Next step is to see how popular these top paying products are. Set the "Sort By" field to Popularity. If the same top paying products you have found in the first search also came up near the top of the second search, you have found a bunch of hot products. These products sell well and pay well.

Now when you have a bunch of good products all you need to do is to start promoting them on your websites. The most effective way of doing this is to purchase the products, test them out for yourself and write a short review on each product. Then post these reviews on your websites. Don’t forget to include your own ClickBank hoplink for each of your products. This way if someone reading your review follows your hoplink and buys a product you reviewed then you will make money from that sale. It is that simple. The trick is to promote the websites with your.

A good way is to have an opt-in form that lets visitors to sign up for more information about the product. You can then send your leads a promotional email with your hoplinks included. Promote your websites regularly and you will make sales! This is all you need to do to start earning money with Clickbank. Click HERE to signup with them as an affiliate.