Saturday, April 28, 2007

SecurZIP - The Next Generation of ZIP

Any one of you who have ever send an email attachment over the net or have uploaded files to a server must be well aware of files zipping software and their advantages. Well there are a no of such software available over the internet but a new such software i came across is called "SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP" which can be found at Well the files zipped using this software are small, neat as well as secure. Thats not just all, it comes at absolutely no cost. They are giving away the full version so you can include an extra level of data security for all your files. So now you are not just compressing your files, you are protecting them from the nasty beady eyes of the hackers and phishers too. Once you take the free download, Secure ZIP will start protecting your Microsoft Outlook® email messages and attachments so your words and details are secured wherever you send them. Free AND secure - what are you waiting for?

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