Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Online Dating Sites - Proving to be the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs Available Over the Internet

The best way to make 1000 of dollars every month over the internet is by affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products or services over the internet and earning a commission on every sale generated.There are various affiliate programs available over the internet, about most of them i have already discussed in my previous posts. Well their are certain programs or sites who will pay you to refer members to them or clients(in their words). The newest among them are the Online Dating Sites.

Recently large numbers of online dating sites have sprung up here and there all over the internet and they are offering the most lucrative offer over the internet for each refferals(in your words) or member or client(in their words) signed with them by you. Most of them offer $1-$2 for each member referred while some of them offer even $5-$10 for each member reffered to them. Promoting these programs and getting referrals for them are quite simple as their offers are very attractive and this way you may earn 1000 of dollars every month.

I have done some considerable research in this field of online dating sites and have brought you with the best available offers over the internet. All of these sites are free to join and do not require a credit card so it will be quite easy for you refer members to them.


Single-Chat-Dating.com offers more than 1,000+ choices of singles to you to chat and date with via your mobile phone. They offer unlimited monthly chat. All the customers need to do is to enter their mobile phone number, click “submit” and confirm the registration by entering the PIN code received by SMS – NO personal information, NO bank account or credit card information, just the mobile phone number. Extremely Easy Ordering Method means Extremely High Conversion Rates. You will earn $8 for Every Successful New User Registration (with double opt-in validation).


SexyD8 is one of the most exciting adult dating communities online. They offer 100% FREE adult matchmaking services to their members with the ability to -Browse through thousands of profiles and sexy photos of members, worldwide, and contact them via email or chat. Members can take advantage of their unique "Sexy Traveler" service- to meet other members who will be traveling on certain dates to different locations in the world. You can also participate in their weekly/yearly contests and earn huge money prizes. Promote SexyD8 and earn $1 for each new registered member you refer to them. Registration is FREE and enables participation on all SexyD8 featured offers.


Join Professionalsingles.com's Affiliate Program! Become an Affiliate Today and Make Big $$$ with Professionalsingles.com!! Offer your Web traffic a FREE membership on a high quality site. Join the Professionalsingles.com Affiliate Program and earn $1 for ever person you send to them that registers for FREE -- Affiliates who generate 50 or more free registrants in a calendar month earn a 50% bonus or $1.50 for each free registrant! Membership is free and no credit card details needed.


AdultCyberMate.com is the world's newest personals site. Receive $.05 cents for each Lead and 65% of each Sale. Affiliates also receive 10% of sales for each affiliate referred to their program.


EliteMate.com, the hottest picture personal site on the Net, has the world’s best affiliate program. They pay their affiliates an extremely generous $5 for each person that simply registers to EliteMate.com. Your clients register free and fully privileged for the first log in and receive many free gifts after the registration (Free Spyware keys for nuker.com, free astrology text reading, free IP Dialer and a free 1 year subscription to Travel Savvy Magazine). EliteMate surely has the most lucrative online dating affiliate program.


They have 3 ways for you to make money:
- Per lead - They pay you $1.00 for any user that signs up and logs in.
- Sale - They credit your account with $21.00 if just one of your members invites 5 other users to the site. In essence your leads works for you to earn money.
- Bonus - If your lead refers 10 or more users they will credit your account with $36.00. This gives you the potential to make $57.00 on just one lead.

Special of the Month:
They will credit your account with $100.00 if you refer 50 or more leads to collaboradate.com. This will be on top of any of the credit earned from leads, sales, or bonuses.

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