Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some Big News at PayPerPost Coming up - Any Guesses

Well i am sure most of the bloggers must be aware of what PayPerPost is. For those who do not know what PayPerPost does, good time to read all about it. You get paid for writing about web sites, products, services, and companies, plus you earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.

Recently PayPerPost has declared that it is going to announce some big news. And they want us, the blogger community to guess what thing is coming. Can you guess?

Let me have a shot at guessing what PPP is going to announce. Well my first guess is they may introduce some more methods for we bloggers to get paid like introducing video posting or paid links. My second guess is that they may giveup some giftcards, goodies or free stuffs apart from the usual dollars for every post related to the advertiser we have posted about. My third and most unusual guess is that they may be thinking of getting listed into nasdaq and may offers us with shares of their company. Wow, that will be so cool. Well these are purely my assumption but i am sure what ever they have in stores for us these are some guys who love to surprise us and whatever they will introduce or announces will be definitely beneficial to us.

So what are you guys waiting for. Signup with them today and start earning thousands of dollars every month off your blog with their paid opportunities. It is a sincere request to all of you to signup with them using my side badge(its just a humble request not a requisite).

For those who are already registered with them, keep tunning your blog and increase site traffic in the meantime while they come up with the new announcements. Who knows what they may have in folds for you.

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