Thursday, February 15, 2007 - Earn Online While Learning How to Earn Online is a totally FREE discussion board/forum for people who want to make money online. There's absolutely no cost to join, all you have to do is register and you're granted immediate access to the forums.

eWealth is a great place to find online money making ideas and real discussions without the hassle of spam and affiliate links. The discussion board is broken up into about 15 different categories that cover every aspect of affiliate programs, marketing using myspace and so on. By becoming a member of eWealth you'll be able to learn about all different online affiliate programs including clickbank, linkshare, shareasale, commission junction and more. Plus there's excellent discussions on optimizing your website to make the greatest amounts of profit, programming and web design and so on. In addition, you will be rewarded for every single discussion you reply to and even earn rewards for new discussions you start. eWealth offers points per response and new thread. Your points can be cashed in for cool prizes. Here's what they are currently offering in the prize department:

For only 50 points you can get an eWealth rewards package. The package includes official eWealth merchandise: mouse pad, a t-shirt, one pen and stickers.

1500 points gets you $200 in CASH! The money is immediately sent to you via Pay Pal so you don't have to worry about waiting on a check or not getting paid at all.

For 3,000 points you get $400 in cash.

And so on, all the way up to the ultimate reward. For 7,500 you can cash in for $1,000!

Earning the points by participating in discussions is easy too. Each response or new topic earns you one point. So lets say your goal is to earn $200 in cash. Based on other paid to chat programs I have participated in I am estimating that you could hit your cash out trigger in 25 hours (possibly less, depending on how fast you type). This is of course assuming that you post one new thread or reply to one old post every minute. This shouldn't be hard to do considering that there isn't any real requirements as to how long each response has to be or how many words a new post has to contain. So, hypothetically speaking, if you can type a mere 3 sentences in a minute you should be able to hit your mark in the mentioned 25 hours. And if you are able to make 200 posts in 25 hours you will essentially be earning $8 an hour. So this is a pretty cool way to earn online while learning how to earn online - a double treat!

If you're interested in checking out the eWealth forums or participating in discussions to make money you can go right to their website by clicking HERE.

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