Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The 3 WORST Online Money Making Opportunities

1. Don’t mess around with Paid-to-Read Email programs. Yes, you CAN make money. Yes, they WILL pay you (most of them anyways), but it is a total waste of your time and effort. The majority of paid to read email companies will give you a whopping .02 cents per email. This means you have to “read” 50 of them to make a buck. So if you would like to make $20 so you can put some gas in your car, you have to “read” 1,000 emails – come on! Not at all realistic.
But what really goes into “reading” an email for money? More than you would think! Once again, most people fail to read the “fine print” before they sing up for something. Many companies require that you click the advertisement link on the email, visit the website or do some other complete waste-of-time activity before you get your measly 2 pennies for it. So skip this concept completely. I have reviewed over 25 different paid to read email programs and have yet to find one that’s actually worth the time, but, as always, if I find one, you’ll be the first to know about it.

2. Paid-to-Surf Programs are a rip off. I’m sure you have heard of companies that will pay you to surf the net. This is about the same concept as the paid-to-read emails. Paid to surf programs are trash for numerous reasons. First, you make between .30 - .80 an HOUR. Using the same scenario as we did for the paid to read emails, this means that you have to “surf” for at least 25 hours to get $20.00. But wait, here’s the kicker – setting aside the fact that these companies download all kinds of cookies onto your C drive, they also have requirements. Some companies ask that you click an advertisement every so many minutes. Who has time to do that? Other companies only pay you to “surf” the sites affiliated with their company. They tell you that you will know what sites are affiliated with their company because there will be a symbol on it. What the hell? You’re supposed to spend time searching for sites with a symbol?! Anyways, this entire concept is a waste of your time. Once again, if I find a real, quality program that pays well I will recommend it.

3. Paid-to-Click Programs. These are terrible. Do you know why you are paid to click links? Because the websites make money off clicks. Just like on my websites, if someone decides to click an ad I get a small percentage, usually somewhere around .10 cents per click. This is a great concept for me because I own the website but not for you who is looking to make money. There’s a million requirements that go into paid-to-click programs. You can’t just hurry up and click a whole bunch of links and make a buck. You have to click a link then stay on the new web page for 30 seconds or more, then you’ll make your .05 cents or whatever the payout is. Also you can’t click the same link more than once every hour or 24-hours or whatever the regulation is. This is so advertisers don’t get suspicious and realize that click fraud is taking place in most cases. However, some advertisers join these programs hoping that you will be stuck on their page for 30 seconds and decide to buy the product that they are selling. Either way, if you follow the rules you can make about .60 cents an hour. It will take you damn near 34 hours to make $20.00. Not worth it.

Instead of spending hours making pennies, spend hours making dollars. You really can make $200, $500, $700+ every week online if you spend your time wisely. Read the articles on my site - everything is completely free! There's never a membership for any of the companies I recommend - just REAL, LEGIT opportunities!

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