Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Join the Shareasale Affiliate Network - Make Money by Promoting Products and Services

If you own a website or blog you may consider making some money online by promoting various programs or products available over the net. This is called affiliate marketing. There are various affiliate programs available online that pay for every sale or every lead generated for their product or services.

To make money from affiliate programs you may consider searching for various attractive and legitimate affiliate programs available online, joining them and promoting their product or services. Well this seems a bit tedious and boring as you will have to create affiliate account with each of them, remember their login information, checking your activity and summary report for each programs promoted.

There is an another better way by which you can make 1000 of dollars every month through affiliate merketing. Join shareasale affiliate network. It is similar to linkshare or commision junction but it has some of its own advantage which sets it apart from other affiliate marketing networks available online. It consists of 1000 of affiliate programs to promote most of which are very attractive and offer high payout per sale or per lead generated. It contains affiliate programs under different categories so no matter what type of site or blog you own you will find some good programs, products or services to promote irrespective of your site/blog category. Also it contains some very attractive and creative banners for every affiliate programs available which will greatly help you to promote their products and services.

They also have an affiliate program which will pay you $1 for each qualified affiliate you reffer to them. The affiliate must sign up with shareasale as an affiliate, and generate at least one click in order for you to receive the $1. They are also giving $150 for each merchant who would sign with them through your link. So if you want to make some decent monthly income online promoting affiliate programs be sure to join them. Click below to join.

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