Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sell Your Old Ipod for Cash - Even if its BROKE!

Have an ipod you want to sell? Ipods are like computers – the technology changes so rapidly that you find yourself upgrading to a new one every couple years so you have better features like more memory, great capabilities and a better design as a whole. The problem with selling an old Ipod is that lets say you list it on Ebay – well, there’s so many people selling Ipods on Ebay that you have to ask next-to-nothing for it. Then after you pay shipping charges, listing fees, final sale fees and so on, you’re left with literally a buck or two. And who wants to go through all that hassle for a single dollar? This is the exact same scenario with You can also try to list your Ipod for free on but the odds of finding someone in your city who wants your ipod and *has the money for it* is slim to none. So why not sell to the source?

Ipods and Beyond specializes in buying and selling new and used Ipods. They even sell refurbished Ipods.

Here’s some price quotes, if you are interested in selling your Ipod:
An Ipod Shuffle can get you up to $40.00 in cash
An Ipod Nano will earn you up to $177.00 in cash
If you sell them your Ipod Mini you can get up to $98.00 in cash
And an Ipod 10GB – 80GB can score you up to a killer $283.00 in cash money!

So as you can see, selling your Ipod to the source, Ipods and Beyond is the way to go. And don’t worry if your model isn’t listed, Ipods and Beyond buys ALL models of Ipod! Ipods and Beyond even buys broken Ipods, Ipods with cracked screens and Ipods that are missing accessories. There’s no requirements to purchase a new Iopd from them nor do you have ot pay any fees of any kind to sell them your old Ipod.

Payments are made in 1-2 days from Ipods and Beyond if you choose to accept a Pay Pal payment. If you’d rather have your funds sent via check in the US Mail you will get paid in 5 – 10 days.

Worrided about your transaction? Don’t be! Ipods and Beyond is BBBOnLine Reliability Program.

Want to remove your music or other materials before selling? You can perform a factory reset which will remove all of your music from your iPod. The procedures to perform a factory reset can be found in your service manual or on Apple’s web site.

If you’re interested in selling your Ipod to Ipods and Beyond, or if you just want some more information or to read their list and get a price quote please click HERE and you’ll be brought to their main site.


*Additional Money Making Opportuniy*
If you’re an Ebayer you may want to look for listings of broken Ipods. People sell them for pennies because they are not aware that they can make money off of them. Before you buy anything get a quote from Ipods and Beyond. You’ll be surprised how fast your turn around time will be! Definitely a great way to supplement your income!

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