Saturday, March 24, 2007

Increase Your Blog Traffic With Blogexplosion

Blogexplosion is a free blog submission directory and traffic generator... two in one ! Blogexplosion has over 48,000 blogs in their directory which get millions of hits from other blog readers.

You can join this community of bloggers and as you visit their blogs you get credits towards your own blogs that can get you web traffic. Blogexplosion traffic generation is a manual process (manual surf) which means that when you visit other blogs you are required to click on a a random number to move on to the next blog. This would mean you have to pay attention to the sites you are visiting, which is good. You can submit your blog to a directory which ensures that you would get hits from other readers that share your

There are a large no of traffic generating sites, manual or autosurf, available over the internet but most of these sites are not effective in getting quality readers as most people are concerned about getting credits or in case of paid sites, to earn a few cents. Blogexplosion seems centered towards blogs only and does not include non-sense sites so its possible that this could be effective. Its something you can try. Just be careful if you have Adsense on your blog not to try any traffic generating site. This is against Google Adsense policies.

They also offer a referral program where you can refer people to sign up and for that you would get free credits that has no money value but you can use that to get web traffic. You can add your blog's banner to increase your blog's visibility. They also have monthly contests and lottery that can earn you credits, which could be used to get traffic to your blog.

To signup with them click HERE.

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