Saturday, March 24, 2007

Improve Your Blog's Google Page Rank And Alexa Score - Exchange Links With Other Blogs

It is a well known fact that in order to increase traffic to your blog, different strategies are required. The best way to increase traffic to your blog or to increase your Google Page Rank and Alexa Score is to have as many backlinks to your blog as possible. There are various ways to get backlinks to your blog. The best way to get backlinks to your blog is to visit similar blogs(similar category) with higher Page Ranks and ask their owners to have a link exchange with your blog. Other way is to buy links to your blog(paid link). There are several sites like PayPerPost or Blogsvertise which can help you in that. Well i have found a great site where you can get links for your blog at no cost at all. The site is called Linkmetro.

Linkmetro is a link exchange site. It is a directory of blogs wanting to exchange links with each other in order to improve their Google Page Rank. Blogs are listed in different categories so you can simply browse the category and request any blog of your choice to have a link exchange with your blog. The good thing about it is that you can exchange links (if approved) with many high rating/ranking sites in the category you want. And all that at absolutely no cost at all.

Improving Page Rank is very important for a new blog. By back linking to high Google Page Rank sites you can increase your blog's rating/ranking and hence get better traffic from Google. The site shows each website Page Rank when you search for sites to exchange links with them. Membership is absolutely free. Click HERE to join.

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The reliability and credibility of the Alexa Rankings have often been subject to differences. There are opinions that the Alexa ranking is far more credible and true for the sites below 10,0000 than that for the ones above it. Another factor that proves to be a major drawback of the Alexa rankings is that the rankings are governed by the Alexa toolbar and the Alexa toolbar users community. All the browser types are not taken into account as far as the rankings are concerned. As for example the Alexa rankings does not work in Windows Vista even though the latter has a huge user base and is highly popular.