Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monetize Your Blog With CREAMaid

CREAMaid is new interesting way to earn money by blogging.

An advertiser put a new argument on Creamaid homepage setting:

- number of review accepted
- price per review
- price per referral

Bloggers have only to point their browsers on, and then choose an item from the ones available in the left column, follow the instructions, and then write an article about that topic.

When they have finished to write, they have only to add the CREAMaid widget, and now they have only to wait some hours or days ( it depends on advertisers ) to see if their post has just been selected by advertiser, if so they will receive, usually in less than 24h the payment by paypal on the paypal account they notified when they registered the post and got the widget html code.

Payment method: Paypal

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