Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking For Lead Managment - Look For AIMpromote

AIM Promote is a sales lead management system which integrats different aspects of lead management, visitor tracking, and sales analytics into one. It allows user to track every single lead (potential customer), campaign, and revenues and thus helps you to maximize profit by maximizing manipulation of your leads in all the possible ways.

Multi-Level-Marketing personnel may benefit by putting their leads into this system. This way they will be able to track their leads situation, and put them in different groups such as “no interest”, “needs encouragement” and “sure downline”. It will help them to fully utilize these leads, to convert their leads into their downline. This way sales will be maximized, and profit will grow because companies can now fully focus on other aspects of the products, such as brand development, and research and development rather than tracking their leads.

This system can also be utilized to evaluate outcomes of advertising campaign, or product feedback. Leads that fill in feedback forms will have their data taken and arranged in a way that results can be shown immediately. Outcome of the campaign will be known almost immediately. These responses can also be used to indicate the general public’s impression and image of the product. From there, efforts can be done to improve brand image, if it is bad.

In short this system is a must for companies looking for opportunities to grow, as it minimizes expenditure and maximizes profit.

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