Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shareapic.net - Get Paid to Share Pictures

Shareapic.net is a picture sharing site that pays people to upload photos & pictures on Shareapic.net. There are two ways to earn money in Shareapic:

1) Earn from Picture Views
Users will earn $0.22 per 1000 image views on the pictures uploaded. Thousands of image views(or even more), allthough seems quite difficult but are easily achievable if you are a blogger or post your images in different places like Myspace, large forums and ebay.

2) Earn AdSense Commission from Your Pictures
Members can display their AdSense ads on their Picture and photo pages to earn AdSense revenue. Your AdSense earning will depend on your picture page views also. The more page view, the better.

Membership is free. They also have a mass upload tool that will enable you to upload whole galleries consisting of 100 of pics in a go rather than uploading single pic at a time. Thus saving you lot of time and effort and also helping you earn a substantial money by sharing pictures. Click HERE to join.

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