Sunday, February 25, 2007

$1000 for a single post, it’s possible! With PayPerPost New Segmentation Program Its Really Possible.

By now anybody who is into making money blogging must be well aware of the PayPerPost(PPP) program. I joined PayPerPost just one months ago and I can say that its a great company to work for. I appreciate that the team are very transparent with their activities and are always open to suggestions and opinions from bloggers who posts for them. They have opportunities ranging from $5 to whooping $1000 for a single post. Yes thats absolutely true, $1000 for a single post. They hold contests, give out huge prizes and they never ran out of exciting activities to keep bloggers on their feet.

Recently they introduced the new segmentation system which differentiate blogs having high traffic and alexa ranking with those having it low. With the introduction of this system bloggers with high traffic blogs can earn more compared to bloggers with low traffic blogs. Now the question is how does this segmentation system works. Well there are opportunities that are only open to blogs with higher page rank and good alexa ranking. Though the segmentation system seems like a discrimination against low traffic blogs, it has an other side too. It encourages the affected bloggers to build more traffic to their blogs and improve their pagerank and alexa rating in order to be able to get high paid opportunities. The segmentation system also assures advertisers (who are paying more) the possibility of getting more exposure for their products, company and services.

Also PPP only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. That means they are taking half your money for every post. So with PPP you can get high paying opps more often and put more into your pocket.

With their new segmentation program PayPerPost has created a buzz in the world of blog marketing and has really shifted the bloggers standard to the next level of making money online. It seems like Payperpost is ready to conquer the internet marketing. With the new segmentation system, PayPerPost is awarding bloggers with high traffic blogs in a different way.

One last important thing is that disclosure is required from all bloggers. You can put a disclosure badge provided by them at the end of each of your post or quote you post as sponsored. So what are waiting for guys. If you want to make some really decent bucks off your blog, join this awesome program. Its absolutely free to join.

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