Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FlipTrack - Create Musical Slideshows, Holiday Greetings or Scrapbooks

FlipTrack launched a product with a unique approach to online slide show creation. It’s a desktop application that combines an interface that looks like Garage Band or Audacity with song lyrics and an image placement tool for users who want more control over their online photo sharing production.

Fliptrack is a tool that allows you to easily match images to the lyrics and rhythm of a song, just like a music video or movie soundtrack. Fliptrack provides hundreds of pre-licensed songs so you can legally share your fliptrack video anywhere on the web.

With fliptrack you can create music videos out of your photos, match photos to the lyrics and rhythm of songs like a real movie soundtrack, add custom effects to your photos as well as share your videos by emailing your friends or embedding the video on your blog or MySpace page.

FlipTrack has licensed a music library from the karaoke service Sound Choice; options range from Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger to Scooby Doo, Where Are You? and What A Friend We Have In Jesus. Users may not upload their own music. You have to select from the list of about 100 songs but there is a request field to have a song added.

FlipTrack is currently a Windows only desktop client, but is working on a web based version. Although the choice of songs is currently very limited but it will surely expand in the near future. There is definately some potential here to create some very nice looking slide shows. For more info on their service or to download the fliptrack tool click HERE.

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