Thursday, May 3, 2007

Auction + Fun = bid4prizes

For all those who are an avid fan of ebay and who like to hang around on various other auction site to get the stuff at the cheapest possible prize, here is something i am sure they may not be knowing about. Just for people like you a new online auction has arrived - bid4prizes which had turned normal auctions on their heads. You place a bid for a prize that you want to win - anything from one cent to a million dollars. The trick is to bid the LOWEST UNIQUE price for the lot. So the skill is to find a figure that nobody else chooses, for instance if you simply bid .01 everyone will try it. The lowest bidder wins the prize. The best part - if your bid wins the prize all you pay is the shipping for the item you were bidding on. Well i would love to win an apple iphone and i have already placed my bid for it but i am not going to disclose it. Hope i win the bid. Why don't you go yourself and check out your luck there. Some of you may come out lucky enough to win an accer ferari notebook or even a brand new BMW car.

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