Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sell Time Based Ads On Your Website

AdVolcano is yet another ad network which connects advertisers with bloggers or webmasters seeking to monetize their website with the placement of advertisements. AdVolanco allows you to define areas of your blog and charge a monthly fee, rather than a cost per click, cost per action or cost per impression method.

This literally means that you can offer time-based ad campaigns. For example, you might want to sell some space on your sidebar for the price of $10 a day or $250 for 30 days. Here are some points I’ve made after signing up and digging around their website.

- No submission prerequisite
- Minimum payout is US $20
- Payment is only made via Checks on a NET 15 basis.
- No option to categorize blogs by tags
- User panel is clean and easily to navigate
- No affiliate program for webmasters
- Weak navigation functions for advertisers

With nothing really to differentiate it from other programs like Text Link Ads or Bidvertiser, advertisers will most likely select the latter because of its far greater publisher base and in-site navigation.

Suggestion for webmasters/bloggers: Try if you’ve had no offers with other ad selling network, you might just get an offer from Ad Volcano if you’re lucky.

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