Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Increase Your Business credit with R M C N !!!!

Is your Business going LOW on credit?? OR you yourself having a bad credit rating?? Don't you think it time for you to improve your credit worthiness. If your answer to any of these question is YES then you have no option other than to read the rest of the article.

Well the answer to all your worries is "RMCN Credit Services Inc.", a very well known credit repair specialist and one of the fastest growing company in Dallas to give credit repair service. They have been in business since 1997 giving them more then a decade of industry experience. RMCN is insured, bonded, licensed with the Secretary of State, and registered with the Better Business Bureau.

You can find all the information about their working on their website repairmycreditnow.com. Their site contain some very vital information you will find essential should you ever need a help with your bad credit ratings.

This website holds the proofs of the work they have done to repair credit of your business. They also provide you with the full details on how to raise the credit points of your business and what is the method they follow and how all is their access to your business debts and the way they clear you out of all the problems for a low credit score.

A credit score is a number between 300 and 900 that is determined by a combination of numerous parts all weighted to come up with a final score. Of course, the most important and most heavily weighted parts are your payment history and your outstanding debt. The folks at RepairMyCreditNow.com will help remove potentially negative statements on your report about your payment history and outstanding debt. They will even work with you regarding your outstanding debt.

Other things that they will help you with that are included in the credit score are number of inquiries about your credit, the different types of credits you currently have (loans, credit cards, etc.) and finally, the length of time you’ve had credit.

The basic concept is simple; they just delete the history of you or your company’s bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, slow payments, charge offs, fore closures and also the collection accounts, thus making your company or organization a debt free and any scores free company, thus resulting in gradual increase in your business credit. They also provide you with various tips and tricks to improve the accuracy of your credit repair report and how to maintain your restored credit.

The site also provides you with an introductory free credit report evaluation and free credit repair information just by filling in the details in the form in the homepage.


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